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Android Mobile App Requirements And Unlocking Trouble Shooting

An Android device that supports the Mobile Device Unlock app
An active data connection via 3G/4G/LTE or Wi-Fi that has strong signal download

Only supported devices may download the app or have it pre-installed
Supported devices may download the app from Device Unlock - Android Apps on Google Play

How To Proceed With An APP Device Unlock After We Completed Your Order

From Your Mobile App Application list, First Tap Device Unlock Then Tap Continue
Choose your desired unlock type In your case, This will be Permanent Unlock
If successful, restart the device to apply the settings
Note: If you do not restart the device
You will have a persistent alert in the notification tray


Check that you have an active data connection
Note: For temporary unlocks, you must be connected to the original carrier network
The unlock will not work over Wi-Fi

Check That The Following Requirements Are Met For This Phone

The device must not be reported lost or stolen, blocked, or restricted to your carrier only
The device must use the Device Unlock Application [Does not prompt for code with different sim]
Your account must be in good standing and not be suspended or canceled
Clear the application cache. See your device > How-tos > Apps > Clear & uninstall app
Check that the device memory is properly managed
Restart the device and try again

If You Receive Any Error Messages, Review The Following Table For Troubleshooting:


Device Not Recognized By Your Service Provider, Please Call Customer Care    

Rooting your device will disable the unlock application
Download the latest software available for your carrier to continue

Data Corrupted During Transfer, Please Try Again
Error During Data Transfer, Please Try Again

Ensure the device has stable mobile signal
Restart the device and try again

Server Not Responding, Please Try Again Later

No response is received from the server
Try using an alternate internet connection

Failure In Processing The Request, Please Reboot Device And Try Again

Ensure that your device has sufficient memory
Restart the device and try again

No Internet Connection Available, Please Try Again When Internet Connection Is Available    

No internet connection is available
Device is not connected to 3G/4G LTE
A SIM card is being used on a device that is locked to the same carrier

Unable To Connect To The Server At This Time, Please Try Back Again Later    

Update the app using the Play Store
Attempt the unlock using the mobile network

Unlock Failed: This Mobile Wireless Device Is Not Eligible For Unlock
For Device Unlock Eligibility Details, Please Go Online Or Contact Customer Care

The device is not eligible for unlock
See Unlock your mobile wireless device to determine what eligibility requirements are needed

Unlock Failed: System Maintenance Error, Try Again Later    

System Maintenance is currently underway
Wait and try again later

Failure In Applying The Unlock Settings, Please Try Again.    

The device must be connected to the mobile network
(including domestic and international roaming)
Disconnect from Wi-Fi and try again

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